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  • lsam***** posted at 12/16/2023
    food was dry and overcooked,lo mein tasted like  leftovers,dry and tastless. mixed veggies was mostly carrots,celery, and broccoli. no chineese vegetables. pork fried rice dry,and tastless. egg roll overcooked and also no flavor. if you are new owners you should sell now. bye!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • evaejh****** posted at 10/13/2023
    I love this place a lot but tonight I was very disappointed with my food. It was rushed and over cooked. Half of my gravy was missing in the pot for the egg foo young. Also my shrimp egg roll was way over cooked, almost burnt. I’m a regular customer of this place and I order often. I’m sad to write this message 
  • carmenh******* posted at 6/30/2023
    Awful food! Taste weird and the sauces are very gooey. I do not recommend eating here
  • yh*** posted at 6/6/2023
    Dont click me:
  • chah**** posted at 12/31/2021
    Billing zipcode is 08096
  • andrea******* posted at 9/23/2021
    I'm a Conshy local and my bf and I order here religously. I am shocked at the negative reviews and think its mostly people having over the top expectations. I, contrary to those reviews, think that the combos are a great value for what they cost and the food is pretty good. The service is always very friendly when I call to make my order and my favorites are the wonton soup, hot and sour soup, beef fried rice, boneless spare ribs, and my bf loves the general tso's chicken.
  • cgi**** posted at 8/23/2021
    Terrible service and customer service. Would not recommend ordering from here 
  • me.b***** posted at 1/29/2021
    That shit was nasty the shrimp wasn’t cooked and the meat wasn’t fully cooked either the only good thing was the soup I would give it a 4.5 out of a 10 and if it wasn’t for the soup you would’ve had a zero
  • aradhna******* posted at 9/22/2018
    Hunan shrimp was good but VERY disappointed with white meat General Tso’s chicken. It was basically all breading with tiny specks of white meat chicken. 
  • mi** posted at 4/2/2014
    good food reasonable prices
    I've been enjoying this restaurant for many years. Food is always good and very reasonably priced. Staff is friendly and atmosphere comfortable. BYOB if you want.
  • mari**** posted at 3/30/2014
    I've been to high end sushi restraunts and I know that typically these kind of places (cheap prices, semi-smaill) are disappointing but I cannot complain AT ALL about this place. I just got take out sushi there again and it was AMAZING. The portions of fish in the rolls are HUGE and the prices can not be beat. I just got a salad and 3 rolls for under $12!! And, they were amazing! I will be going here at least once a week and if your looking for a local place to take out or dine in, I would DEF recommend this place. I havent had the "chinese food" but I am excited to try that next. It's going to be really difficult for me to order the chinese when I enjoy the sushi so much, but mayber one time :) Also, the staff is by far the most friendly and helpful that I have ever experienced in a Chinese restraunt.
  • thriftytr********** posted at 3/18/2014
    They have been in business for years and it is because they have the typical great menu, quick service, food always cooked perfectly, and LOTS OF IT! My favorites were...ahem...Egg Rolls, Fried or Steamed Wontons, Fried Rice, Sweet and Sour Chicken, General Tso's Chicken, Beef and Brocolli and on and on.
  • sparky******* posted at 3/16/2014
    I was surprised that there were not more reviews for New Win Wah, perhaps the new bit says something. I enjoyed the gyoza and sushi rolls but the menu also has chinese food so everyone should find something that they like.
    The staff were attentive when they needed to be and even though there were only a few people in, the atmosphere felt relaxed.
    As far as the sushi went it was tastry and attractive.
  • sun*** posted at 3/15/2014
    We order takeout from here almost once a week and the food is consistently good. We love that they deliver!
  • sharkba******* posted at 3/12/2014
    We have gone to Win Wah for a few years now. I have never had a dish that wasn't great. The food is always fresh and delicious. If you're in the area and looking for Chinese food you won't be disappointed with Win Wah.
  • seana***** posted at 3/9/2014
    I walked in and ordered a General Tso's lunch special with fried rice & wonton soup for take-out. My order was ready within 10 minutes and the staff was very nice. All of the food was good, except that I am used to Tso's having a bit more kick. The sauce was more sweet than spicy. Certainly the better of the two Chinese food restaurants I have found within walking distance of work.
  • we*** posted at 2/23/2014
    I've always liked Win Wah. Especially good are the sesame noodles.
  • kar**** posted at 2/23/2014
    I'm giving this a five for the vast improvement in their Chinese offerings. I had the chicken and black mushrooms lunch special that was fresh and excellent with the right texture and taste of sauces. I can't vouch for the Sushi here lately, since the last time I tried it a good eight months ago I wasn't impressed. I also never tempted delivery from them, since they are right across the street from where I work anyway.